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Quote: a DELTA event sends an interrupt to an object by appending a task pattern to the object's agenda; executed if higher priority [»handP_1981]
Quote: preemption with alert simplifies the programming of asynchronous concurrent systems [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: in OWL, only one process in a concurrence can survive an alert signal [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: alert added to OWL is prevent dangerous behavior by the walking machine [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: alert in OWL could guarantee that all sibling processes have been terminated [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: OWL needs a partial preemption that suspends concurrent siblings instead of terminating them [»donnMD_1987]

Subtopic: higher priority for monitor up

Quote: in PORTAL, a priority is assigned to both processes and monitors; if a process inside a monitor, it takes the monitor's priority [»schiR4_1980]

Subtopic: high priority via inhibit line up

Quote: BARNACLE processors have an inhibit line that prevents the sending of new messages [»brooRA_1987]

Subtopic: priority inversion up

Quote: avoid priority inversion by giving priority to processes in a critical section; T.H.E multiprogramming system uses 'red' and 'white' processes [»dijkEW2_1971]
Quote: a priority inheritance protocol executes critical sections at the highest priority level of all blocked jobs; prevents priority inversion [»rajkR_1991]
Quote: a mutex protects the invariant of the associated data; restore the invariant before calling Wait or Signal [»birrAD_1991]
Quote: lock-free objects with retry loops are useful for hard real-time; no priority inversion, minimal operating system support, upper bound on successful updates [»andeJH8_1995]
Quote: synchronization primitives can lead to priority inversion; solve with priority inheritance and priority ceiling protocols

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