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A function or expression can report an exception by returning "fail". The failure may be testing at the function call, or propagated through an expression.

IEEE floating point includes a NaN value to indicate failures. Limbo calls can return a tuple that includes an error return. If an error is deemed unlikely, the programmer may skip the failure test. If so, an exception can damage data structures or remain undetected. (cbb 4/98)

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Quote: use '(a, b)' for a tuple or pair of values; used for multiple return values, error returns, simple data structures [»dorwSM1_1997]

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Quote: a successful Smalltalk primitive exits the method; otherwise evaluate the remaining expressions [»xlrg8_1981]
Quote: in Icon, tab (10|5) == tab(10)|tab(5) because a failure of tab(10) invokes the alternative value [»grisRE4_1980]

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Quote: SANE is a thorough implementation of IEEE Standard 754 for binary floating-point arithmetic [»appl_1988]

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QuoteRef: farbDJ1_1964 ;;26 gotos by /(label) f(label) s(label) for always, failure, success
Quote: C's && and || operators guarantee left-to-right, short-circuit evaluation; their predictable behavior is frequently used [»ritcDM7_1978c]

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Quote: the try-parse pattern reports failure instead of an exception; avoids performance problem for a common scenario [»cwalK_2006]
Quote: any function may return failure, e.g., if an exception is not caught [»liskBH11_1979]
Quote: in CLU, an exception is as efficient as a normal return; use exceptions to distinguish multiple returns [»liskB_1996]
Quote: a CLU procedure can either return or signal an exceptional condition; both can provide result objects
Quote: an Aleph predicate or question may fail
QuoteRef: storEF_1970 ;;25 true procedure returns arguments, false procedure keeps arguments as the same
QuoteRef: storEF_1970 ;;25 false (statement is false), return (procedure is true), returnf (procedure is false)
QuoteRef: storEF_1970 ;;28 all statements true of false eg open a file is true if successful
QuoteRef: boscR9_1973 ;;7 if rule fails, parameters are not passed back
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;401 subroutine call with specific fail exit eg (fail label, do, name) then in routine have FAIL and DONE
QuoteRef: lechR_1973 ;;174 the value of a program (a graph of nodes) is true or false
QuoteRef: martMJ_1974 ;;668 an expression group of statements can return succeed, fail or value for a case control statement
Quote: Vmalloc uses Return-Proceed-Retry for event handling; the sign of the return indicates the desired action [»voKP2_2000]

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Quote: problems with error handling by return code and status flags; checked at call sites; harder to read; multiple error cases ignored; harder to modify; expands set of legal values [»buhrPA9_2000]
Quote: exceptions promote API consistency; designed for failure reporting and nothing else; while return values have many uses, e.g., Win32 API [»cwalK_2006]
Quote: object-oriented frameworks can not standardize on return-value-based error reporting [»cwalK_2006]
Quote: if using return values, error handling code must be near the code that could fail [»cwalK_2006]
Quote: error codes are often ignored; exceptions are impossible to ignore, improving robustness

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