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conditional expression
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failure returning functions and expressions
object and value equivalence
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Conditionals are variables and operators used as guards. The simplest conditional statement is "if B then Statement" where B is a conditional. Conditionals may be boolean variables, equality test, or order relationships. More complicated conditionals are less frequently used. These include attribute test, boolean operators, and special conditionals like 'if any two are true then...' or 'if can suspend process P then ...'. (cbb 5/80)
Subtopic: conditional gestures? up

Quote: is there a workable gestural indication for conditional branching? if..then..else works well [»diseAA_1986]

Subtopic: conditionals as goto up

Note: define conditional statements from conditional gotos using a Branch argument [»cbb_2000, OK]
Note: a branch parameter is a code offset into an activation record [»cbb_2000, OK]

Subtopic: short-circuit evaluation up

Quote: C's && and || operators guarantee left-to-right, short-circuit evaluation; their predictable behavior is frequently used [»ritcDM7_1978c]

Subtopic: other conditionals up

QuoteRef: reynCF11_1971 ;;329 means for "if 2 of the following 4 are true then
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;429 can test for logical subscripts (unordered)
Quote: would like predicates to test if an action is possible; e.g., 'if can suspend process p ...' [»thimH2_1980]
QuoteRef: farbDJ1_1964 ;;26 gotos by /(label) f(label) s(label) for always, failure, success

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