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expression evaluation

boolean values, binary numbers, and bit strings
conditional statement
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Quote: in paper solutions to programming problems, AND mostly used for boolean conjunction, then sequencing [»paneJF2_2001]
Quote: in paper solutions, OR used much less frequently than AND; primarily for boolean disjuction, then clarification [»paneJF2_2001]
Quote: in paper solutions, 75% used AND incorrectly; e.g., "starts with G and L" instead of "G through L" [»paneJF2_2001]

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Quote: C includes a conditional expression which is equivalent to an if..then..else [»ritcDM7_1978c]
Quote: in paper solutions with multiple options, 33% with mutually exclusive rules, 25% with general condition modified by exception [»paneJF2_2001]
Quote: in paper solutions, participants preferred mutually exclusive rules or a general case followed by exceptions; allow an 'unless' clause everywhere [»paneJF2_2001]
QuoteRef: abelNE_1969 ;;Wulf: Bliss uses expressions as value of blocks for control decisions
QuoteRef: wileDS11_1973 ;;48 i max j:: i ge j else j in Algol would be if i ge j then i else j
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;433 tests return null values eg n=.1t(n,"50")n+"1"/s(comp) bumps n and transfers to comp if n 1t 50
QuoteRef: kosiPR9_1973 ;;94 GATED PRESENCE (GPR) data input sent to output, data at gate input will output true or false on sense output if data exists at data input, passes back done

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Quote: if the left-hand operand of 'cor' is true, the right-hand operand can be undefined; e.g., use init to delay evaluation

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