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Pattern matching on text can be restricted to a sub-sequence. It can be defined around a particular location, between fixed bracket characters, between end-of-line symbols, between pattern deliminators, at a pattern search indicator, or between other matched patterns. Similar restrictions may prevent backtracking on pattern failure. (cbb 5/80)
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QuoteRef: waitWM7_1967 ;;433 uses template on a per line basis with parameters as * (positional re*
Quote: all surveyed macro processors used predefined brackets to indicate macro calls [»browPJ_1969]
QuoteRef: browPJ10_1967 ;;622 key arguments to deliminators and may test for argument deliminators present
QuoteRef: browPJ10_1967 ;;619 macro calls start and end with a name followed by arguments separated by deliminators with alternatives
QuoteRef: browPJ10_1967 ;;620 Choice of literal brackets to prevent macro call or warning marker indicate macro call

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Quote: in Icon, set the current subject and cursor position by setting variables; programs often set them explicitly [»grisRE4_1980]
Quote: Icon numbers the positions between characters, from either end of the string [»grisRE4_1980]
Quote: Awk can process all lines between an initial and final pattern (a pattern range); reduces the need to use variables [»ahoAV4_1979]
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;454 string match must include a pointer e.g., (a / p .triangle. b)=c -> a .triangle. = (b*c) transforms string and moves pointer p.
QuoteRef: grisRE_1972 ;;27 setting &Anchor can force pattern matching at a particular location
QuoteRef: grisRE_1972 ;;32 FENCE null pattern once tried can not be tried again. eg 'function' fence 'function'
QuoteRef: hallJC5_1974 ;;58 d=a&b means apply a then b at the same cursor place- always succeeds

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Quote: Icon's scanning operation for balanced characters specifies left and right sets and following characters [»grisRE4_1980]
QuoteRef: farbDJ1_1964 ;;25 pattern match for paired ()

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Quote: delimitate macro calls by syntactic analysis of the entire text

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