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Aho, A.V., Kernighan, B.W., Weinberger, P.J., "Awk-- A pattern scanning and processing language", Software-Practice & Experience, 9, 4, pp. 267-279, April 1979. Google

267 ;;Quote: AWK is designed for simple information retrieval, text manipulation, and report generation
267+;;Quote: AWK avoids the trappings of conventional programming languages; uses simple, concise expressions and default handling of common cases
268 ;;Quote: AWK program consists of patterns and actions; if an input line matches a pattern, its action occurs
QuoteRef: ahoAV4_1979 ;;268-70 patterns for matching text lines: beginning of file, end of file, regular expressions of characters and character classes, relations on system and user refined variables, combinations of all these, many system variables describing a line eg $1 is the first field and FS is the field separator character.
271 ;;Quote: Awk can process all lines between an initial and final pattern (a pattern range); reduces the need to use variables
276 ;;Quote: AWK is used for report generation, data transformation, and data validation
276+;;Quote: AWK programs can be very complicated even though basic design is simple

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