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Fine control of type checking can be provided by unforgeable trademarks. These identify the source or certifier of a value or object, and thereby ensure the quality of an entity. A trademark is like a unit giving a non-exclusive data type.

Seals are a variation on trademarks. They prevent access to internals by everyone but the owner. (cbb 1/90)

Subtopic: trademark as reliable source up

Quote: only use objects that are properly trademarked; e.g., appliances with UL label [»morrJH1_1973, OK]
Quote: can ensure quality of a entity by getting it from a reliable source or seeing the trademark of a reliable source [»maclBJ12_1983]
Quote: can restrict a type to those objects or values which carry a trademark [»maclBJ12_1983]

Subtopic: trademark as immutable annotation up

Quote: in a form or class can declare a trademark for an object or value which can be detected but not modified [»maclBJ12_1983]
Quote: a value or object may carry multiple trademarks which may also be used for multiple classes [»maclBJ12_1983]

Subtopic: trademark as unforgeable ID up

Quote: a trademark unforgeably identifies the source of a value or object [»maclBJ12_1983]

Subtopic: trademark as units up

Quote: can use a class or form trademark as an indication of units [»maclBJ12_1983]

Subtopic: seal as trademarked box up

Quote: a seal is like a trademarked box; the originator is identified but the contents are hidden [»maclBJ12_1983]
Quote: seals are more restrictive than trademarks since only seal's owner may view the attributes of the sealed objects or values [»maclBJ12_1983]

Subtopic: signed and authenticated data type up

Quote: by signing a external representation, a type manager can release an object for later retrieval and authentication [»gligVD11_1979]
Quote: a type manager needs to authenticate objects that are returned to it [»gligVD11_1979]
Quote: can sign a external representation that is in the clear with its encryption; allows authentication of migrated objects [»gligVD11_1979]
Quote: to support object migration, a type manager needs an internal representation, an external representation, and a signed representation

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