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Quote: with seals, users don't have to trust the computer system and its administrators, and can freely distribute; good for distributed systems [»giffDK4_1982]
Quote: seals are more restrictive than trademarks since only seal's owner may view the attributes of the sealed objects or values [»maclBJ12_1983]
Quote: a seal is like a trademarked box; the originator is identified but the contents are hidden [»maclBJ12_1983]
Quote: sealed storage may only be read by programs listed at the creation of the sealed storage [»englP7_2003]

Subtopic: prevent subclasses up

Quote: use seal and unseal to control subclassing; by class or package [»corwJ10_2003]

Subtopic: cryptographic seal up

Quote: cryptographically seal an object with a key; self-authenticating, black box, new keys freely created or derived [»giffDK4_1982]
Quote: cryptographic seals are the first passive security mechanism; no restrictions on a client's access [»giffDK4_1982]
Quote: a sealed object must be useless to someone without the keys; secrecy property [»giffDK4_1982]
Quote: mutual authentication using public-key cryptology; with a smart card, the users' secrets are not exposed to the certification center [»leePJ1_1990]

Subtopic: checksum seal up

Quote: seal data by generating a large checksum by a secret method; can't change the data without invalidating the checksum [»lindC_1981]

Subtopic: signed objects up

Quote: can sign a external representation that is in the clear with its encryption; allows authentication of migrated objects [»gligVD11_1979]
Quote: by signing a external representation, a type manager can release an object for later retrieval and authentication [»gligVD11_1979]
Quote: to support object migration, a type manager needs an internal representation, an external representation, and a signed representation [»gligVD11_1979]
Quote: a type manager needs to authenticate objects that are returned to it [»gligVD11_1979]
Quote: for security, Inferno provides message digests, encrypted channels, authenticated file names, and signed modules; based on CryptoLib [»dorwSM1_1997]

Subtopic: threshold combined object up

Quote: with a threshold scheme can divide a datum into n pieces such that need any k pieces to reconstruct D

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