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MAC, message digest, checksums
Subtopic: fingerprint up

Quote: a fingerprint is a fixed-size hash of a byte sequence [»heydA6_2000]
Quote: cache files and build results by fingerprint; distinguish large (1+ MB) and small files [»heydA_2006]

Subtopic: cryptographic hash up

Quote: a secure hash of a program image is a principal that can not make statements about trust; must be loaded by a trusted host [»lampBW6_2004]
Quote: secure file manager adds a checksum to prevent top secret information from leaking from the file store [»rushJ7_1983]
Quote: separate communication channels by encryption and a high-quality checksum that includes a message's identification fields [»rushJ7_1983]
Quote: seal data by generating a large checksum by a secret method; can't change the data without invalidating the checksum [»lindC_1981]

Subtopic: authentication and key distribution up

Quote: KryptoKnight is a family of light-weight, secure, two-way authentication and key distribution protocols based on one-way hashing [»birdR2_1995]
Quote: Remotely Keyed Encryption Protocol combines a plaintext's hash value with a smartcard's secret key; allows high-bandwidth secret-key encryption despite the smartcard's low bandwidth [»blazM2_1996]
Quote: KryptoKnight -- lightweight authentication and key distribution protocols based on pseudo-random one-way functions [»jansP4_1997]
Quote: for authentication cookies, use expiration data, data, and message digest; use session ID for sensitive data; use SSL to counter eavesdroppers [»fuK8_2001]

Subtopic: password up

Quote: defeat password guessing with a hash function that has numerous collisions for the correct data and only one checksum for modified data; change password whenever the data changes or an attack is detected [»lomaM1_1995]

Subtopic: equality testing up

Quote: test equality of arbitrary byte sequences by testing their 128-bit fingerprints
Quote: check magnetic tracks by computing checksums of their contents and comparing with known good values [»turiA3_1951]
Quote: anti-entropy by recent updates and comparing checksums [»demeA8_1987]
Quote: exchange checksums to avoid copying large amounts of usually identical data [»nowiDA8_1978]

Subtopic: data integrity up

Quote: verify the integrity of an embedded device by computing partial hash of its contents; problem of man in the middle attack [»spinD2_2000]
Quote: use checksumming to detect data corruption at disk level; with many disks, occurs frequently [»gherS10_2003]

Subtopic: MAC algorithms up

Quote: use keyed, non-malleable MACs such as HMAC-MD5 and HMAC-SHA1; valid plaintext/ciphertext pairs do not give away the secret key [»fuK8_2001]
Quote: efficient and optimal MD4-like hash functions on a Pentium processor; non-cached data and endianness conversion are not expensive [»bossA8_1996]
Quote: Helix encrypts data and generates a MAC at the same time; optimized for speed [»fergN11_2003]
Quote: performance testing of cryptographic algorithms written in optimized assembly code [»prenB12_1998]

Subtopic: CRC up

Quote: Weighted Sum Codes are as good as CRC and easier to implement; also better than other checksum codes [»mcauAJ2_1994]
Quote: the tea-leaf reader CRC algorithm for error-detection processes a byte at a time with a look-ahead table; efficient [»grifG7_1987]

Subtopic: checksum up

Quote: checksums produce a non-uniform hash; adding with bit shifting is much better, but still non-uniform

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