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Intel's 2920 analog processor accepts analog input and generates analog output. Internally the processor is a 25-bit digital processor. Response time to analog events is rapid and precision is high; making an attractive alternative to digital simulation's slow speed and low precision. Analog control can occur at the control loop with digital setpoint provided by a processor network. (cbb 5/80)
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QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;11/79 89 "Even the largest and fastest digital microcomputers are much too slow to be used as general-purpose replacements for analog subsystems. But the /Intel's/ 2920--an analog microcomputer that operates into the audio frequency range- can do the job.
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;11/79 89 "The Intel 2920 Signal processor device is a single-chip real-time, analog input/output microcomputer. It converts sampled analog input signals into digital information, processes the information in its high-speed computer, and produces analog output signals in a real-time mode.

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Quote: analog systems can be reliable because they are continuous; small input changes cause small output changes [»parnDL12_1985]

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Quote: a true, digital computer is an abstraction; a real computer must be composed of analogue circuits [»wilkVW8_1992]

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Quote: though intelligent digital computers appear impossible, intelligent, analog computers may be possible

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