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Subtopic: standardized parts up

Quote: Gothic cathedrals and Japanese temples were build from standardized parts with custom made doors, windows, etc. [»drucPF_1974]

Subtopic: rough sketch vs. detailed drawings up

Quote: in design fields such as architecture, the rough sketch is heavily used; detailed drawings seldom occur before the creative work is finished [»weinGM_1982]
Quote: initially a highway is fictitious, just signs and a map; with time, becomes a conceptual entity [»nelsTH_1974]

Subtopic: evolutionary development up

Quote: piecemeal growth is healthier than large lump development; avoids slums due to under-maintained, older buildings [»alexC_1975]
Quote: in a budget, equal sums should be spent of large, medium, and small building projects; guarantees numerical predominance of small projects [»alexC_1975]
Quote: a long-range plan can not be rigid; otherwise it becomes unrealistic and is ignored [»alexC_1975]
Quote: every year produce a diagnostic map showing which spaces work well and which do not [»alexC_1975]

Subtopic: pattern language up

Quote: a pattern language allows people to create coherent, morally sound objects through the coherence of the created whole [»alexC9_1999]
Quote: all design and construction should be guided by communally adopted patterns; develops organic order; identifies problems [»alexC_1975]
Quote: judge patterns according to the extent that they made people more whole in themselves [»alexC9_1999]
Quote: unhappy with buildings built by applying patterns [»alexC9_1999]
Quote: a small number of geometric properties appear recursively when buildings have life
Quote: can ask 'Is my wholeness increased by this object?' or 'Do I feel more alive?'; get 80-90% agreement when comparing sidewalks and other things [»alexC9_1999]

Subtopic: user participation up

Quote: users must participate in the design of a building, otherwise the building will not fit the users' needs

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