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The standard grammar specification is BNF, first used for defining ALGOL. Later enhancements to BNF include optional brackets and repetitive braces. BNF grammars are often restricted to operator grammars without adjacent non-terminals. There is a large literature on the design and processing of BNF grammars. (cbb 5/80)
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QuoteRef: grieD_1971 ;;25 operator grammar no rule of form U::=...VW... V,W are non- terminals

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QuoteRef: grieD_1971 ;;43 braces for 0 or more occurrences with sub/super scripts for range
QuoteRef: grieD_1971 ;;44 brackets for optional occurrence
QuoteRef: scowRS3_1982 ;;70 "An explicit repetition operator, e.g. Fortran label = 5 * digit or blank.
Quote: in Yarus, extended BNF for 0-or-more occurrences and 1-or-more occurrences [»kuznOP6_1972, OK]
Quote: conventions for simplified BNF grammars; uses ... for repeated items [»ledgHF10_1980]

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Quote: British standard syntactic metalanguage [»scowRS3_1982]
Quote: syntactic metalanguage includes an exception operator to make it easy to define general rules [»scowRS3_1982]
Quote: syntactic metalanguage includes an explicit concatenate operator so that identifiers can include blanks

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