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Function syntax consists of an identifying label and parameters. The identifying label may include keywords, noise words, and punctuation. It should reflect the function's name. With cluster operations the function name includes the name of an object in the cluster. The parameters may be located by a comma list, keywords, prefix, postfix, matchfix, or infix. A function can define the syntax for calling the function. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: in CLU, call operations by object-type operation-name; e.g., array(int)$create(0) [»liskBH2_1976, OK]
Quote: the signature of a Russell procedure is the list of signatures of its parameters
QuoteRef: wulfWA6_1976 ;;20 ref by function (element, parameters) or element. function (params)
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;516 a i.j ( is function reference A??(c,d,e) [Symbolic mathematical library]
QuoteRef: wulfWA4_1974 ;;8 declare forms with type returned eg form a(x:int):int= and b:a(5) b is an integer. form a= is same as form a:a =
QuoteRef: wirtN1_1971 ;;55 PROCEDURE ( ids:type; CONST id:type; VAR ids:type also FUNCTION,PROCEDURE local/literal definitions, type definitions variable definitions, procedure etc
QuoteRef: wirtN1_1971 ;;58 FUNCTION id (param list): result-type
QuoteRef: rtl2 ;;proc() for no arguments
QuoteRef: schuSA_1970 ;;12 procedures as a type value eg mode trigo is proc (real) real;

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QuoteRef: wegbB_1971 ;;257 any id can be an infix operator, prefix operator, id or all (context)
QuoteRef: wegbB2_1974 ;;43 matchfix operator. has left and right deliminators eg <1,2,3> is operation < on 3 parameters 1,2,3 (closure to protect global variables
QuoteRef: stanT_1967 ;;50 binary operator <- [='+'] .union. [='-'] .union. [='x'] .union. [='/'] simplified as {+,-,x,/}
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;201 triplets of two operators with operand in between (Neliac)
QuoteRef: bennRK7_1976 ;;35 words classed as variable, infix operator
Quote: in Flex can define new binary and unary operations [»kayAC6_1968, OK]
Quote: in Russell can also define infix and suffix functions [»demeA3_1979]
Quote: Russell can overload existing operators if they have different argument signatures

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