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It is difficult to measure test progress or test completeness. Without objective measures, testing is usually declared finished when time or money runs out. Several measures have been suggested: mean time between detected errors, bebugging (does the test data catch mutated programs), and counting unexercised statements. If certified, incremental testing is possible, then modules-to-be-tested is an accurate measure. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: an adequate test of a program is not necessarily adequate for its components
Quote: the adequacy of test data may be based on the program or on its specification [»weyuEJ6_1988]
Quote: derived test cases from formal specification; tested each precondition and postcondition; also white-box testing; only three faults during operation; acceptance testing found cosmetic faults [»tretJ9_2001]

Subtopic: path coverage up

Quote: check sheets should test every instruction of the program and all points of difficulty [»turiA3_1951]
Quote: statement and branch adequacy satisfies only five of the eight axioms; need mutation or modified size adequacy [»weyuEJ12_1986]
QuoteRef: kosyDK_1973 ;;87 Knuth and others: keep count of statement execution so check all paths.
Quote: modified size adequacy subsumes branch adequacy and mutation adequacy; such test sets distinguish a program from most other programs [»weyuEJ12_1986]
Quote: axioms of test data adequacy include testable, nontrivial, coverage, complete [»weyuEJ12_1986]

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Quote: measure testing effectiveness by error days, i.e., the number of days from creation of an error to its detection [»millHD_1979]

Subtopic: mutation tests up

Quote: use embedded test for self-testable components; evaluate quality with selective mutations [»jazeJM7_2001]
Quote: SWAT identified all 34 injected memory leaks (and a real leak) in a large interactive web application; identified 6 leaks in beta code [»chilTM10_2004]

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Quote: program testing can not show the absence of bugs [»dijkEW10_1972]
QuoteRef: cheaTE_1976 ;;48 can easily verify that a bridge is 95% complete but it is very difficult to do the same for an operating system

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