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Subtopic: dialog as modal interaction up

Quote: dialog boxes suspend normal operation and can't be moved; the user enters needed information or cancels the operation [»apple_1987]
Quote: how should a computer initiate an interaction?; intrusive solutions include popping a window, blocking input, console messages, and beeping [»goldY11_1992]
Quote: students tended toward moded interfaces that mimic'd a command-line prompt [»pausR10_1992]
Quote: a user interface should not block while waiting for user input; e.g., a menu selection; modal

Subtopic: non-modal dialog up

Quote: even though PROMPT window requests a button event; can do other things instead; just a suspended co-routine [»teitW3_1977]

Subtopic: error dialogs up

Quote: error conditions ought to lead to a permanent message that is terminated only by user action
Quote: acceptable user modes are long-term, or short-term "spring-loaded" modes (e.g., scrolling), or alert modes for error recovery [»apple_1987]
Quote: modes are acceptable if they emulate real-life (e.g., tool selection), change attributes only, or block most normal operations (alerts) [»apple_1987]
Quote: do not use emotional words in a user interface; e.g., "kill," "abort," and "default" [»tognB_1992]

Subtopic: exit from dialog up

Quote: if a mode is used, there must be a clear visual indication near the most affected object; very easy to get into and out of the mode; save/quit [»apple_1987]

Subtopic: dialog box as mail up

Quote: with Active Mail, initiate an interaction by sending a message that opens a window when read [»goldY11_1992]

Subtopic: examples up

Quote: SUIT provides moded interaction via dialog boxes for askyesNo, inform, etc.; includes OK/Cancel with an interactive widget [»pausR10_1992]

Subtopic: pop-up menu vs. dialog up

Quote: using pop-up menus instead of dialogue-boxes saved 11 seconds for certain telephone queries; estimated savings of $1.6 million in two years [»nielJ11_1993]

Subtopic: dialogs as interruption up

Quote: applications should not interrupt a user already engaged in a task; hurts task performance and emotional state

Subtopic: avoid dialog up

Quote: in Oberon, commands are atomic (without a dialogue); no modes or hidden states that cause user-unfriendliness

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