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Faraday, M., Experimental Researches in Electricity, London, Richard Taylor and William Francis, 3, 1855. Google

Published before 1923


Reprinted from the Philosophical Transactions of 1846-1852 and other sources

1 ;;Quote: the various forms under which the forces of matter are made manifest have one common origin
1+;;Quote: Faraday magnetized and electrified a ray of light and illuminated a magnetic line of force
14 ;;Quote: electric current around a ray of polarized light rotates the light in the same direction
129 ;;Quote: magnetism grew from an occult power with limited domain to a central, universal force
129+;;Quote: Faraday failed to unify gravity and electricity
213 ;;Quote: a ring of soft iron can be a strong electromagnetic that retains its force for weeks
213+;;Quote: the internal particles of iron are each a magnetic system; as an electromagnetic, they correlate their polarity and combine into a polar whole
328 ;;Quote: Faraday used lines of magnetic force for quality, direction, and quantity
328 ;;Quote: are magnetic lines of force the correct abstraction for magnetism
329 ;;Quote: a line of magnetic force represents a determinate, unchanging, amount of force; no matter how divergent its form
362 ;;Quote: both experiment and analysis leads to strict truth if rightly interpreted
362+;;Quote: experiment leads to new trains of thought and new conditions of natural power; better than analysis
371 ;;Quote: use the earth's uniform magnetic field to demonstrate that a moving wire generates current in proportion to the magnetic force
402 ;;Quote: a line of magnetic force is the line always tangent to a magnetic needle; along which a moving wire does not generate electricity; shown by iron filings
405 ;;Quote: the continuous, unbounded lines of force represent the nature, condition, direction, and intensity of the magnetic force
405+;;Quote: a moving wire generates electricity in proportion to the number of lines of force cut
405+;;Quote: in a uniform field, a moving wire generates electricity in proportion to its velocity, length, and mass
409 ;;Quote: does gravity require time and hence a physical agency?; can't prove since gravity and matter are unchangeable
409 ;;Quote: in radiation, the lines of force exist independently of other bodies; may be modified, bounded, propagate over time
418 ;;Quote: electricity and magnetism are lines of force at right angles to each other
424 ;;Quote: can compress the magnetic lines of force to a small area with other magnets; same total power as the infinite field
438 ;;Quote: gravity does not use lines of force; it acts in straight lines independent of third bodies and time; can't be isolated
447 ;;Quote: the atoms of matter are lines of force; the source of radiant phenomena
448 ;;Quote: through lines of force, the smallest atom of matter on earth acts directly on the smallest atom of the sun or comet
451 ;;Quote: radiation is vibrations of the lines of force; and not the aether
565 ;;Quote: it is better to suspect we are wrong than to accept an error as right
571 ;;Quote: the gravitational attraction of the earth to the sun must have preexisted in the sun; otherwise how did it arise
572 ;;Quote: conservation of power; force can not be created, annihilated, or suspended

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