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Evans, G., "The causal theory of names", Aristotelian Society: Supplementary, 47, pp. 187-208, 1973. Google

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p. 295-307 in Martinich, A.P. (ed), The Philosophy of Language, 2nd edition, New York: Oxford University Press, 1990.

297 ;;Quote: the causal theory of names states that a name denotes an item if there is a causal chain of reference-preserving links; e.g., dubbing
300 ;;Quote: say two babies are swapped at birth; then the baby dubbed with a name is not the person indicated by the name; intention part of names
301 ;;Quote: the causal relation of names lies between the item's states and doings and the speaker's body of information; not dubbing
302 ;;Quote: say an identical twin impersonates a slightly known person; then our knowledge is about the twin and not the original person
304 ;;Quote: consider an urn containing mathematical proofs and signed by Ibn Khan; "Khan proved that.." but could be a scribe
307 ;;Quote: 'that mountaineer' adverts to a body of information that fixes its denotation; the source of the information may fail to fit it

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