Quote: OZ displays a 360 degree star field, 60 degrees vertical, waypoints, other aircraft, thunderstorms, and obstructions

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spatial metaphor in user interfaces
coordinated movement
user interface design
non-constraining system

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[in OZ] The star field metaphor … shows the aircraft's attitude and location within the … at any given instant the displayed portion of … [p. 3] OZ can also display waypoints, other aircraft, … The aircraft metaphor … is a stylized triplane … The shape of the upper and lower winds … and lower bent wings indicating the amount of … extent to which the wing struts are colored … In this way, the wings and struts depict … [p. 4] Although OZ presents the pilot with processed …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: OZ displays a stylized triplane showing power requirements, power available, and the complex interrelationship between power, drag, airspeed, configuration, and performance
Quote: the processed data of OZ does not obscure information or make decisions for the operator

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