Quote: equi-partition partitions processors evenly among unfinished jobs and preempts on job completion; two competitive; optimal

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parallel algorithms
non-preemptive task scheduling
plan-based task scheduling

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Given all this, we prove that the scheduler … long as it is given at least twice … parallelizable, then Equi-partition performs competitively with no extra … characteristics. … [p. 180] Motwani et al. [Theoretical Computer Science 130:17-47 1994] prove that on … [Tucker & Gupta, ACM Symp Operating Systems Principles, 1989], which partitions the processors evenly between the unfinished jobs and … that no non-clairvoyant scheduler has a better competitive … [p. 181] The intuition [behind not-fully parallelizable] is that if Equi-partition … to each job [including those that can not use the extra processors anyway].   Google-1   Google-2

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