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Subtopic: pre-run-time scheduling up

Quote: schedule hard-real-time systems by translating asynchronous processes into periodic processes and finding a pre-run-time schedule that meets deadlines [»xuJ12_1991]
Quote: pre-run-time scheduling is necessary for large, complex hard-real-time systems [»xuJ12_1991]

Subtopic: scheduling analysis up

Quote: with restricted resources, need to schedule what processes complete before what events [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: flavor and scheduling analysis by comment analysis on data state and operator state expressions; give assumptions and assertions [»howdWE1_1990]
Quote: an operator state expression in scheduling analysis is the valid operator sequences that can reach a program location

Subtopic: shed load up

Quote: shed load to control demand rather than allowing the system to become overloaded [»lampBW10_1983]

Subtopic: scheduling algorithms up

Quote: n lg n, earliest deadline first scheduling algorithm with dynamic feasibility analysis for new tasks; could use for an operating system [»schwK8_1992]
Quote: work-first principle -- minimize scheduling for total sequential time; move overheads to critical path
Quote: equi-partition partitions processors evenly among unfinished jobs and preempts on job completion; two competitive; optimal [»edmoJ5_1999]

Subtopic: explicit yield up

Quote: Aegis provides 'yield' to prematurely end a time slice; allows applications to implement a scheduling algorithm; e.g., deterministic, proportional-share, stride scheduling [»englDR12_1995]

Subtopic: scheduling doesn't work up

Quote: never seek optimal scheduling; merely avoid persistently pessibal decisions [»hoarCA10_1974]
Quote: plan-based scheduling is seldom needed; usually any reasonable strategy will work or none will work [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: few parameters work in processor scheduling; interactive vs. batch, foreground vs. background, fixed share of cycles per job, unused cycles wasted

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