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Quote: Aegis provides 'yield' to prematurely end a time slice; allows applications to implement a scheduling algorithm; e.g., deterministic, proportional-share, stride scheduling [»englDR12_1995]
Quote: use TestAlert during long-running computations to allow thread interruption

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Quote: model static scheduling with DAG of dependencies between atomic, program tasks and communication costs
Quote: in OWL a code strip is uninterruptible, non-looping, and non-blocking [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: Pluribus programs is a set of code strips with bounded execution duration; unit of scheduling; loop or fork by adding names to scheduling table [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: a non-preemptive task scheduler may be used for real-time systems because they are dominated by I/O instead of computational tasks [»rathED_1996]
Quote: used soft-timers for rate-based clocking of TCP and network polling to avoid interrupts; 25% faster Web server [»aronM8_2000]

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Quote: survey of nonpreemptive, static scheduling of processing elements with message-passing [»kwokYK12_1999]
Quote: Oberon switches processes only between user commands (except for interrupt handlers); no need for interlocking [»wirtN9_1989]
Quote: each Oberon command is an atomic action in the user-computer dialogue; switch tasks between commands [»wirtN9_1989]
Quote: only one ZOG process interacts with users; simpler than one process per window [»mccrDL10_1984]
Quote: Amoeba avoids race conditions by letting all threads run to completion; non-preemptive, like co-routines [»taneAS12_1990]
Quote: Amoeba doesn't have timeouts for remote operations; allows file server to block the memory server, but prevents race conditions [»taneAS12_1990]
Quote: equi-partition partitions processors evenly among unfinished jobs and preempts on job completion; two competitive; optimal [»edmoJ5_1999]

Subtopic: problems with non-preemptive up

Quote: non-preemptive process threads were a bad mistake in Amoeba; mistakes about blocking, poor multi-processor implementation; removed [»taneAS12_1990]
Quote: use preemptive scheduling where possible; use grain of time to secure independence

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