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Quote: the Apple Desktop Interface uses an event loop; respond to local requests without controlling the user's final destination; allow anything [»apple_1987]
Quote: only one ZOG process interacts with users; simpler than one process per window [»mccrDL10_1984]
Quote: Cedar user interface by a notifier that initiates asynchronous procedures that match input events in a TIP table [»swinDC7_1985]
Quote: each Oberon viewer has a command interpreter bound to it for handling input events; e.g., editor or mail handler [»wirtN9_1989]

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Quote: Oberon frames and viewers can respond to messages, e.g. for a viewer becoming visible, updated text, or input events [»wirtN9_1989]
Quote: program mobile robots in unstructured environment by independent reactions to events [»brooRA_1987]

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Quote: Cedar's Inscript package delivers time-stamped, input events; reduces missed and out-of-order events [»swinDC7_1985]
Quote: a Cedar TIP table defines procedures for input events or event sequences [»swinDC7_1985]

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Quote: SUIT separates updating screen objects from updating the screen by using a 'needs to be repainted' bit; done at end of loop [»pausR10_1992]

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Quote: avoid the clumsy top-level event loop via concurrent processing
Quote: Acme uses a new process for each I/O request; its state encodes the state of the I/O request and removes the need for queues

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