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ease of learning
user interface design
Subtopic: progressive disclosure up

Quote: in giving a demonstration, should use progressive disclosure; use overlays to reveal only five editing buttons [»vandA7_1988]

Subtopic: videotape up

Quote: describes Cedar by following a videotape of a live demonstration [»teitW3_1985]

Subtopic: UI as demo up

Quote: a user interface can emphasize a product's advantage; e.g., Visi-Calc automatically recalculated after modifying a cell [»heckP_1984]

Subtopic: minimize change up

Quote: an innovation should minimize the changes that users perceive they need to make [»heckP_1984]

Subtopic: annotated guide up

Quote: presented a user's guide in annotated form to illuminate design principles and explain the motivations [»ledgH_1981]

Subtopic: historical diary up

Quote: demonstrated user testing by an historical diary of the experiment

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