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A program is not an isolated algorithm. In writing programs, the programmer is not implementing algorithms. Instead software forms a unique system or package for human use, and the programmer must incorporate the user into his systems. The results should be measured by the total performance of users interacting with machines through software. (cbb 5/80)

If we are really writing embedded systems that respond and interact with human needs, is a formal model the right one? Or does formality inhibit the integration of software with its environment? (cbb 12/92)

Subtopic: embedded system up

Quote: an embedded system is one that is logically incorporated in a larger system [»winoT7_1979]
Quote: programs for processors in automobiles must be fast, small, and reliable with high data throughput; use assembly code [»elshJL1_1991]
Quote: computers are primarily components of complex systems; not solutions for mathematical problems [»winoT7_1979]
Quote: a system is causally connected to its domain if changing one also changes the other; e.g., robot arm and position data structure [»maesP12_1987]

Subtopic: all programs are embedded, unique up

Quote: programs now must fit an environment of needs, instead of performing a well-specified task [»winoT7_1979]
Quote: the building blocks of a system are subsystems; not programming language constructs [»winoT7_1979]
QuoteRef: cbb_1973 ;;[reading (QuoteRef: elcoEW_1971) programming generally involves putting together and using a unique package not writing an algorithm
Quote: structured programs may lack the integration that makes a product usable [»demaPA12_1973]
Quote: computers are mechanisms with which we interact; not an abstraction characterized by its results [»winoT7_1979]
Quote: the minimum number of layers in a system is a high-level programming language and hardware; the operating system can be eliminated [»ingaDH9_1982]

Subtopic: embeded system as state machine up

Quote: ESP language for writing firmware using event-driven state machines; fast, easily programmed, easily debugged, memory management [»kumaS6_2002]

Subtopic: continuous operation up

Quote: a design goal for Multics was continuous operation like electric power or the telephone network [»corbFJ_1979]

Subtopic: security of embedded processors up

Quote: cryptographic micropayment system for electricity meters; many users, low overhead, robust [»andeRJ5_1996]
Quote: review of literature on formal models of Java safety; applications to smartcards; need better models [»hartPH12_2001]
Quote: verify the integrity of an embedded device by computing partial hash of its contents; problem of man in the middle attack [»spinD2_2000]

Subtopic: security processors up

Quote: guarantee unconditional security by restricting the lifetime of each key; simple algorithms for synchronous cards [»gilbH9_1998]
Quote: Remotely Keyed Encryption Protocol combines a plaintext's hash value with a smartcard's secret key; allows high-bandwidth secret-key encryption despite the smartcard's low bandwidth [»blazM2_1996]
Quote: use smartcards for temporary escrow of file encryption keys; bilaterally auditable, past possession conveys no future privileges [»blazM6_1994]
Quote: mutual authentication using public-key cryptology; with a smart card, the users' secrets are not exposed to the certification center [»leePJ1_1990]

Subtopic: embedded vs. non-embedded programs up

Quote: embedded programs use unsigned 8/16-bit data; SpecInt95 programs use signed and unsigned 32-bit data [»engbJ5_1999]
Quote: embedded programs use logic and arithmetic instructions; SpecInt95 programs use 5x as many arithmetic instructions
Quote: 35% of embedded functions are void f(void); i.e., for side effects
Quote: compared standalone embedded systems written in C with the SpecInt95 benchmark (go, lisp, jpeg, etc.) [»engbJ5_1999]

Subtopic: whole program analysis up

Quote: fast dynamic casting using 64-bit type ID and a prime number for each class; requires whole program analysis, e.g., embedded system [»gibbM2_2006]

Subtopic: embedded systems for experiments up

Quote: for every experiment, need software to control the experiment, implement the system under study, and collect data [»bailGV8_1977]

Subtopic: image update up

Quote: use delta images for updating embedded software; in-place update

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