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relationship between brain and behavior
testing and evaluating user interfaces

computer as an intelligent agent
document-centered system
direct engagement and theater in a user interface
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ease of use
embedded systems
identifying the user interface with the system
intelligent machines
multi-processing for a user interface
people vs. computers
problem solving
semi-structured text
shared information for collaborative work
system integration
usability errors
user-centered design
user-centered operating system

Subtopic: symbiosis of computers and people up

Quote: the proper man-machine relation is one of augmentation, not simulation [»taubM_1961]
Quote: capabilities of computers and people are different; should have symbiotic cooperation [»lickJC_1960]
Quote: man-machine interaction: create, define, communicate--work hard, steadily accurately; always been so [»manuSB_1986]
Quote: satisfactory man-machine systems are the product of iterative design in which misfits are painstakingly removed [»brooFP8_1977]
Quote: evaluate an interactive computer system in terms of the total performance of the combined man-machine system [»cardSK7_1980]
Quote: should consider the total performance of a user-computer system; time, errors, learning, function, etc. [»cardSK3_1979]
Quote: in the future, machine cerebration will dominate man; but now symbiosis is better [»lickJC_1960]

Subtopic: human engineered up

Quote: the mechanisms of scholarship, arts, transactions are based on physical objects that can't slide, fold, shrink, or become transparent [»nelsTH_1974]
Quote: books are beautifully engineered and human-engineered [»lickJC_1960]

Subtopic: augment intelligence up

Quote: a computer-aided design system should augment and stimulate the designer without awareness of highly complex computer programs; think almost entirely at the concept level within a field of interest; continually extended [»rossDT_1963]
Quote: use computers to augment man's intellect for problem solving [»engeDC_1963]
Quote: how can the computer process information so that a brain can use it [»taubM_1961]
Quote: augmentation by 'human using language, artifacts, and methodology, in which he is trained' [»engeDC_1963]
Quote: can amplify intelligence since the degree of selection depends on the universe selected from; e.g., binary choice vs. 1:50,000 choice [»ashbWR_1956]
Quote: just as a brickified pencil makes writing difficult, so does our inflexible systems of paper [»nelsTH_1974]

Subtopic: computers handle routine tasks up

Quote: computers perform routine, clerical operations between decisions; statistical analysis; some diagnosis and pattern-matching [»lickJC_1960]

Subtopic: automated tutor up

Quote: automated vocabulary tutor with streamlined presentation and response; 2-3 hour sessions without a break [»lickJC5_1962]

Subtopic: computer vs. human language up

Quote: when two cultures speaking different languages must communicate, a pidgin language arises; may apply to human-computer interface [»slatBM7_1986]
Quote: basic difference by human and computer languages is the worst obstacle to symbiosis [»lickJC_1960]
Quote: human-human communication is a poor model for human-computer interaction [»shneB_1987]
Quote: the UserInterface between computer and user consists of symbols, i.e., character strings [»kentW_1978]
Quote: semi-structured messages gracefully degrade under unusual situations; unlike rigid forms-based systems [»maloTW4_1987]

Subtopic: interactive proofs up

Quote: need interactive system for effective theorem proving; users provide strategy and insights, computers do the calculations [»rushJ12_1991]
Quote: an interactive proof should produce a publishable proof and a robust, strategy for automating the proof [»rushJ12_1991]
Quote: a proof is a set of correct assertions; use a proof system to keep track of proved and unproved assertions [»pratVR_1980]
Quote: an automatic theorem prover may be worse; no human review and no help with discovering proof errors; should automate calculations, etc. [»rushJ12_1991]

Subtopic: hypertext up

Quote: Hypertext was originally for ultimate human-computer interaction [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: experienced ZOG users like ZOG [»mccrDL10_1984]

Subtopic: human control of computer processes -- non-formal up

QuoteRef: cbb_1973 ;;8/7/79 a programming language should not be based on a formal system i.e. the humans should be an integral part of the system
Quote: with human message sorting, Advisor can use fine-grained helpboxes that contain real requests; high-content and worth reading [»boreNS9_1988]
Quote: with Programmers_Assistant the programmer decides what needs to be done while the system helps with the modifications [»wateRC1_1982]
Quote: use machine to identify alternatives within a domain selected by user [»dreyHL_1979]
Quote: a Simula program both describes a process for people and prescribes a structure for computers [»nygaK10_1986]

Subtopic: telechir -- remote robotics up

Quote: a telechir is a robot that is operated remotely by a human [»thriMW_1983]

Subtopic: interactive algorithms up

Quote: for the 1981 Traveler game, Lenat culled the heuristics generated by EURISKO every 12 hours or so; neither could have won alone [»lenaDB10_1982]
Quote: found an interactive system could improve 50 point traveling salesman problems cheaper than machine alone [»crosN_1977]
Quote: use the firing squad synchronization problem to study man/machine interaction [»balzRM8_1968]
Quote: interactive system for solving 100-200 point traveling salesman problems; the computer organizes the data for the human [»krolP5_1971]
Quote: superoptimizer culls bad programs by testing function for some set of inputs; manually inspect what passes [»massH10_1987]
Quote: programmers can identify synchronization and data operations in performance-critical areas for weak order optimization; example of programmer-centric approach to relaxed memory consistency [»adveSV12_1996]
Quote: human experts use TD-Gammon to evaluate the best move for a position by playing the position to completion several thousand times [»tesaG3_1995]
Quote: use switches for experimenter input; e.g., finding zero of a function or playing chess [»turiA3_1951]

Subtopic: problems with man-machine symbiosis up

Quote: the problem of man/machine integration is really one of man vs. man, the user vs. the designer [»chapA1_1965]
Quote: monitoring a variety of computer-generated decision sequences did not result in man-computer symbiosis [»crosN_1977]
Quote: for a designer, a CAD system increases stress and anxiety because of increased work and visibility [»crosN_1977]
Quote: in moderate-sized problems, a CAD system about the same as manual; for real-world problems, humans did better

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