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Quote: a good workman is known by his tools [»brooFP_1975]
Quote: tools are available, cost-effective, efficient, reliable, easy to use, and guaranteed [»kentW_1978]
Quote: tools extend man's perception and control
Quote: slide rule for metal cutting speed and feed; 12 variables derived from 30,000 to 50,000 experiments [»taylRW_1911, OK]

Subtopic: usefulness up

Quote: tools and jobs seek each other. Use the best tools for a job, and given the tools, find the best jobs [»zipfGK_1949]
Note: a tool is evaluated by its use: its fit to the task and the user [»cbb_1990, OK]
Quote: a toolmaker succeeds only as the tool users succeed; the clients of successful swordsmiths die old [»brooFP8_1977]
Quote: by 1890 personal gasoline engines were available; the car made them useful and transformed the world [»heyeM_1986]
Quote: due to the tremendous increase in processing power, programmers need a programming tool that helps them create reliable, sophisticated programs [»dijkEW3_1970]

Subtopic: theory vs. tool up

Quote: theories distinguish phenomena but tools get a job done by intermixing fragments of phenomena [»kentW_1978]
Quote: theories tend to be complete but tools only incorporate what is useful [»kentW_1978]

Subtopic: safety up

Quote: efficiency and safety of real world actions are often difficult to discern; must be learned; tools can help [»yeeKP12_2002]

Subtopic: ease of use up

Quote: Law of Abbreviation: if arrange tools linearly away from an artisan, the tools will tend to increase in size, weight and distance as they decrease in frequency of use [»zipfGK_1949]
Quote: frequently used tools will tend to be lighter, smaller, older, more versatile, and more thoroughly integrated; because such tools are less expensive to use [»zipfGK_1949]
Quote: moving people to raw material distributes cities while moving raw materials to people unifies cities; e.g., product of rank-frequency is constant for U.S. cities in 1940 [»zipfGK_1949]

Subtopic: transparent interface up

Quote: a good tool is an invisible tool; e.g., eyeglasses [»weisM1_1994]
Quote: a transparency of interaction is crucial in the design of tool, e.g., controls for a car; don't mimic human faculties [»winoT_1986]
Quote: the human-computer interface should be a flexible tool instead of an intelligent agent
Quote: users should always feel in control over tools [»potaWA_1979]

Subtopic: computer scientist as toolsmith up

Quote: a computer scientist is a toolsmith--no more, but no less

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