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man-machine symbiosis
people vs. computers
scripting language
system builds

Subtopic: types of automation up

Quote: types of automation: continuous process control, hard automation, programmable automation (robots) [»luhJY2_1983]
Quote: specify system by step-wise refinement of predicate transition nets and regular expressions; tested with model of an automated warehouse [»bellF6_1991]
Quote: networks of relays and switches used for control and protective circuits for telephone exchanges, industrial motor-control, and other automated tasks [»shanCE6_1938]
Quote: an automaton is a black box that answers "yes" or "no" to arbitrary, finite sequences of symbols from a fixed, finite alphabet [»rabiMO4_1959]

Subtopic: automation different than humans up

Quote: design a robot to wash dishes; can't do better than a dishwasher [»whitDE4_1986]
Quote: a sewing machine sews differently than a human; same likely true for robots [»whitDE4_1986]
Quote: an artificial automaton made by the art of man is not a machine in each of its parts; e.g., the tooth of a metal gear [»leibGW_1679]

Subtopic: automate tedious jobs up

Quote: avoid manual procedures; use scripts for repeatable command sequences; under source control [»huntA_2000]
Quote: should automate mechanical, tedious, or error-prone activities [»maclBJ_1987]
Quote: Aristotle: could do without subordinates if inanimate instruments could do their own work by command or intelligent anticipation [»aris_322]
Quote: practical ease of use by automatic processes with simple overrides for when the user needs control [»beckJD7_1987]

Subtopic: automate testing up

Quote: write automated tests for every manually identified bug; the same problem will arise again [»huntA_2000]

Subtopic: automation reliability up

Quote: automated control needed for a highly reliable storm surge barrier; humans have one in a thousand failure probability for complex tasks [»tretJ9_2001]

Subtopic: automated interaction up

Quote: Clearinghouse clients are machines so all interaction must be automated [»oppeDC7_1983]

Subtopic: problems with automation up

Quote: usability information is often easy to record but hard to interpret (keystrokes), or useful but hard to automatically label (task completion); makes automation difficult

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