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collecting statistics on a UserInterface
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Quote: Keystroke model: the time required by an expert for a routine task is the time needed for the keystrokes [»cardSK3_1979]
Quote: execution time in Keystroke model consists of keystrokes, mouse, hand movement, line drawing, mental preparation, and response time [»cardSK3_1979]
Quote: keystroke-level model--the time for an expert to perform a task is determined by keystroke time [»cardSK7_1980]
Quote: uses keystroke-level model to analyze 3 methods to correct a misspelled word [»cardSK7_1980, OK]

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Quote: minimizing the number of keystrokes may not make a system easy to use; want overall simplicity [»smitDC4_1982]

Subtopic: model cost of tasks relative to layout up

Quote: measure user interface, layout appropriateness by weighted costs of performing common tasks; yields faster performance and preferred layouts

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