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software maintenance

management of large software projects
incremental development
open systems
source-rich system
team programming
user maintenance

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Quote: the EDSAC book includes code for the principal library subroutines. It served as a model for early programmers [»wilkMV_1951]
Quote: compares the cathedral model of commercial software vs. the bazaar model of Linux and free software [»raymES3_1998]
Quote: all information should be free; otherwise can't fix things when there's a problem [»levyS_1984]
Quote: complete source code substantially contributes to understanding a system and its place in our lives [»weisM11_1987]

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Quote: release early and often, delegate everything, be open; works well despite chaotic change [»raymES3_1998]

Subtopic: user testing up

Quote: with enough testers and developers, every problem can be identified and fixed easily; debugging is parallelizable, unlike development [»raymES3_1998]

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Quote: Apache Group consists of volunteers with real jobs; vote on major changes; commit code changes anywhere within the Apache HTTP server [»mockA7_2002]

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Quote: 15% of Apache bug reports resulted in a change; higher ratio for Mozilla [»mockA7_2002]
Quote: for Apache, open source community used for bug fixing; no coordination needed to identify cause of a bug [»mockA7_2002]

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