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Memory management is important for space and time efficiency. Usually there is a tradeoff. For example, if there is sufficient memory, no memory management may be much faster.

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Quote: program memory requires efficient use of store, high page rate, load shedding, second chance allocation, and simplicity [»hoarCA_1971]
Quote: memory manager should never allocate storage that is not used and delay allocation until needed; also deallocate storage that is never used again [»hoarCA_1971]
Quote: the simplest memory system is none; i.e., main memory for one program [»hoarCA_1971]
Quote: for some applications, the best memory policy is to never delete anything; can lead to spectacular improvements [»stroB_1987]
Quote: Onion Skin memory management super-imposes all programs; short programs overwrite beginning of long programs; efficient for highly variable workloads such as time sharing [»hoarCA_1971]
Quote: manage program memory as pages in uniformly-sized page frames, typically 1024 words; developed by Irons using a small resident program [»hoarCA_1971]

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Quote: Oberon's modules only released by explicit command; imported modules released by reference counting (no reference cycles) [»wirtN9_1989]
Quote: Modula-2 interpreter represents modules by data and code frame; access procedures by their index; dynamic linking [»debaEH_1990]

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Quote: EMERALDS maps the kernel into each address space; efficient system calls [»zubeKM10_2001]

Subtopic: access control up

Quote: for remote processing, the kernel must encapsulate a program in an address space; prevents damage to other programs [»cherDR3_1988]

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Quote: shed load to stay below the maximum paging rate [»hoarCA_1971]

Subtopic: relocation up

Quote: relocate programs to allow writing programs independently of starting address and partition

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