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Quote: with simple hardware, the compiler is complex but program execution is simple and efficient [»hennJ3_1982]
Quote: instead of a stack machine, use load/store architectures without condition codes [»hennJ3_1982]

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Quote: hardware condition codes are difficult to implement because they are updated as side-effects; irregular structure [»hennJ3_1982]
Quote: instead of condition codes, MIPS uses a compare and branch instruction with 16 possible comparisons [»hennJ3_1982]
Quote: when condition codes are needed, MIPS has a Set Conditional instruction that sets a register to 0 or 1 [»hennJ3_1982]

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Quote: in a pipelined architecture, a branch is much more expensive than computation [»hennJ3_1982]
Quote: MIPS uses delay slots for all branches [»hennJ3_1982]
Quote: the MIPS compiler reorganizes codes or inserts no-ops to avoid pipeline interlocks; uses follow sets [»hennJ3_1982]

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Quote: MIPS provides special instructions for accessing bytes in packed arrays [»hennJ3_1982]

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Quote: RISC programs take two and a half times more memory then those for complex instructions sets [»daviJW6_1987]
Quote: RISC architectures can take more compilation time [?]

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