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Parameters are symbolic place holders for accessing the arguments, immediate context, or components of a procedure call. Since they are place holders, they stand for values passed to the procedure. Since they are not defined in terms of external symbol environment, the choice of symbolic names, or even index numbers, is only limited by internal conflicts. The arguments referenced by a parameter may be references, expressions, values, or data objects. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: logical propositions are best treated as schemata for true statements [»quinWV2_1947]
Quote: in a recipe with parameters, parameters same as reference to call arguments; recipe acts as a macro or function [»clarIA_1978]
Quote: a parameter is a constant in an abstraction whose definition occurs when the abstraction is executed [»hehnEC_1977a]
Quote: should restrict parameter to standing for an argument's value [»hehnEC3_1978]
Quote: a bound variable or parameter is symbol independent, while a free variable depends on context [»landPJ_1966, OK]
Quote: in a command line, $n is replaced by the n'th argument [»mashJR_1976]
Quote: parameters carry values into refinements; global named constants carry values out [»redeDH7_1979]
Quote: a formal parameter is the same as declaring a variable to be the argument [?] [»tennRD2_1977]

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Note: parameters are objects with type and nothing else [»cbb_1990, OK]

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Quote: in C++, argument passing and returned values are identical to initialization of variables [»stroB_1991]
Quote: added result parameters to ALGOL 60; defined by copy rule, the literal replacement of a formal parameter by the actual parameter [»wirtN6_1966]

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Quote: a Programmers_Assistant plan can miss a data flow arc or a segment definition; the coder references the missing information by its name [»wateRC1_1982]
QuoteRef: wessBD_1965 ;; SS,x,y1,y2 replaces pattern match with segment gaps 1@,2@,3@
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;442 deferred blocks- block not plugged in until print out
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;440 blocks of no content for position

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