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code optimization
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Quote: with a personal computer, can advise the operating system about file and memory management
Quote: can advise Pilot about pages to preload, deactivate, or kill [»redeDD2_1980]
Quote: a programmer may know enough about code or data sharing to make co-scheduling much more efficient than independent scheduling [»shawM3_1980]
Quote: current compilers can generate object code within 15% of assembly code if the source exploits the strengths of the compiler's optimizer [»goodJB8_1976]
Quote: programmers can identify synchronization and data operations in performance-critical areas for weak order optimization; example of programmer-centric approach to relaxed memory consistency [»adveSV12_1996]

Subtopic: profiling up

Quote: use execution statistics from profiler to optimize compilation of case statements [»bierKH1_1988]
Quote: Self inlines many calls via dynamic compilation based on actual method usage [»smitRB10_1995]
Quote: use execution profile data to reposition code; identify chains of basic blocks and split never executed code from procedures; 8-10% faster

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