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A link can be typed by the relationship between nodes, by the structural relationship, by the consistuent roles, or arbitrarily.

The type or explainer for a link helps reader decide whether or not to pursue the link. They are usually graphically distinguished by color, size, icon, or cursor. Color works well. (cbb 6/89)

Subtopic: relationship up

Quote: a NoteCards link is typed by its relationship [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: NetBook links are typed by relationship such as example, critique [»graySH2_1989]
Quote: the type of a TEXTNET link captures the relationship between the nodes [»trigRH1_1986]

Subtopic: is-a link up

Quote: IS-A links between an individual and a generic indicate instantiation, set membership, predication, conceptual containment, and abstraction [»bracRJ10_1983]
Quote: IS-A between sets typically indicates subsets; IS-A between predicates typically indicates that A follows from B [»bracRJ10_1983]
Quote: use IS-A to make statements about the world; cleverly named nodes do not work; e.g., 'Indian-Elephant' [»bracRJ10_1983]

Subtopic: annotation by history up

Quote: categorize links for breadth-first search into never seen, visited, pending, and uninteresting (i.e., seen but not selected) [»newfD11_1998]

Subtopic: hierarchical and associative up

Quote: KMS has tree items (structural) and annotation items (associative) [»akscRM7_1988a]

Subtopic: annotation up

Quote: Guide has replacement links, note links (in a window), and reference links [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: TEXTNET has a taxonomy of link types such as irrelevant, inadequate and rambling [»conkJ9_1987]

Subtopic: context up

Quote: step-out windowing in a hypertext returns a quotation in an anthology to its original context [»nelsTH_1974]

Subtopic: link type up

Quote: every link in Xanadu has a type; which is an arbitrary endset [»nelsTH_1987]
Quote: a link is an object with 'from', 'to', and 'type' references [»hansR_1987]

Subtopic: typing by icons and color up

Quote: type nodes by color, size, or iconic form; provides visual categorization [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: using color to data type links and nodes is helpful in GIBIS [»begeML10_1988]

Subtopic: problems with link types up

Quote: the meaning of an IS-A link depends on understanding its nodes [»bracRJ10_1983]
Quote: IS-A links may indicate subset/superset, a kind of, conceptual containment, role value restriction, or a set's characteristic type [»bracRJ10_1983]
Quote: despite support for typed semantic links, authors used the default link type regardless of their intentions [»wangW9_1995]
Quote: users disagreed on how to label a semantic link

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