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A bootstrap allows a machine without software to start executing. Usually machine code in ROM reads in code used for processing text. Modern bootstraps often include a machine test. Early bootstraps had to be hand loaded through switches. Some language systems, such as Forth, are heavily bootstrapped with a small machine code kernel processing a textually defined system. Language systems defined in their own language were previously bootstrapped from an existing system.

Advantages-- Bootstrapped languages are modified in their own language. They are ported by writing a new boot. Hardware always needs a boot anyway. (cbb 5/80)

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Quote: system boot requires a security coprocessor to store cyrptographic keys for sealed storage and attestation; verifies the kernel's digest and starts in a well-defined state [»englP7_2003]

Subtopic: implementing a language using the language up

Quote: successfully wrote PORTAL in PORTAL; developed on schedule, error-free after delivery [»schiR4_1980]
Quote: a Forth system is mostly source; facilitates changes and additions [»rathED10_1976]
Quote: can bootstrap Forth on native hardware with 4K kernal and 40 pages of Forth; used metacompiler to compile the kernal [»rathED_1996]
Quote: PL360 bootstrapped on a B5500 by reprogramming the compiler in its own language; useful for refining the language [»wirtN1_1968]

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Quote: CGOL can produce a LISP program for its base component; compiling the program then generates CGOL, e.g., at another site [»pratVR3_1974]

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Quote: a secure system must start in a consistent and secure state; EROS periodically verifies a consistent, global checkpoint of the entire state of the machine; used for bootstrapping

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