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continuum in mathematics
I/O streams
infinity and infinitesimal
sequence generators
Subtopic: infinite computational objects up

Quote: co-sequencing allows for infinite computational objects since only processing one element at a time [»wileDS11_1973, OK]

Subtopic: sequence generator up

Quote: the boundedness of a sequence generator could be a property of its use; i.e., the sequence could be infinite [»wileDS11_1973]

Subtopic: recursive definition up

Quote: in FAD, the item expression for a stack of integers is an infinite expression defined by recursion [»martJJ_1980]
Quote: we define the natural numbers as those to which proofs by mathematical induction can be applied

Subtopic: streams up

QuoteRef: burgWH1_1975 ;;15 streams are a basic idea. an infinite list, e.g., I/O or a generator

Subtopic: mathematical limits up

Quote: the square root of 2 is the cut between numbers whose square is less than and greater than 2; Kronecker [»poinH_1902, OK]
Quote: every rational and irrational number is symbol for a cut that divides the real numbers into two

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