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Usually output is seen as a sequence of formatted (i.e., structured) lines, but users want formatted pages and reports. Fixed page formatting is best provided by forms but flexible formatting of pages is difficult. Gimpel's suggestion is format control by blocks of character strings. By manipulating blocks instead of lines, normally complicated actions are simplified, such as centering, horizontal grouping, and flowcharting. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: document layout by negotiation between viewer constraints and designer constraints; about 110 constraints per style sheet [»bornA11_1997]
Quote: Sketchpad maintains constraints for vertical lines, parallel/perpendicular lines, points on circle, upright symbols, equal size symbols; specialized constraints as needed [»suthIE5_1963]

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QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;439 for formatting define 3d block (depth by overstriking) then can concatenate (vertical % horizontal and Normal # all through centers)
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;440 duplicate block n times in some direction
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;440 blocks of no content for position
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;441 blocks which self-extend to fit neighbors
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;441 register the parts of block left or right
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;443 merge blocks by registering common NODEs
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;444 can get size of block, loc or nodes, sections of block or convert array

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QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;674 display variables of list of commands to generate a display, built from primitive commands by concatenation

Subtopic: paragraph formatting up

Quote: format a paragraph by considering the paragraph as a whole instead of one line at a time [»knutDE11_1981]

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Quote: Scribe is a successful page formatter; portable and easily taught [»reidBK_1980]
Quote: Scribe has a database of definitions for producing a document type on a printing device [»reidBK_1980]
Quote: Andrew's Console program included a library of easily selected, alternative formats; between default format and full customization [»boreNS_1991]
Quote: a personal information system must allow free format text, dynamically defined structure, and arbitrary report formats [»kaplSJ7_1990]

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QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;438 formatting difficulties--centering in line or page, printing two images side by side, tabbing, surrounding within box, connecting boxes for flowcharting, breaking up images on several pages

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