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Production systems frequently generate reports for record keeping and management. Several programming systems assist in report generation. A successful language, RPG, was designed for report generation in commercial applications. A report consists of headings, data organized into columns, and totals arranged by pages. Page formats can define a report with type specified, data fields. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: business programming needs data records, decimal arithmetic, report generation, large databases [»glasRL9_1997]
Quote: a typical business report contains labeled columns, identifying strings, and a hierarchy of totals [»glasRL9_1997]

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QuoteRef: markHM_1963 ;; report generation important for simulation programs
QuoteRef: markHM_1963 ;;77 report generation by setting up two-dim. picture, * shows location of units digit with full extension to the left, fixed point by *.** an A indicates alphanumerics eg A*
QuoteRef: markHM_1963 ;;83 report generation have form lines for picture, content lines for what in picture, row repetition and column repetition lines
QuoteRef: polsPG_1972 ;;563 can either generate reports in line or dump the data for later
QuoteRef: polsPG_1972 ;;564 report section like control section, can restart control section
QuoteRef: simscrip_1971 ;;57 heading section of report generator executed each new page with Page I First testing for first one.
QuoteRef: simscrip_1971 ;;58 handles multiple column page reports by Begin report printing column-indexing-clause in groups of number-of-columns-to-do-at-once [per pagefor each group on a new page
QuoteRef: seedH_1971 ;;15 first step is to have a picture of what the report will look like
QuoteRef: seedH_1971 ;;45 output by headings, details, totals, exceptions (mid-calculations) with full line position control (vertical tabs before and after printing

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