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Subtopic: specification via path expression up

Quote: specify a non-atomic, concurrent procedure with a predicate that defines the allowable sequences of atomic actions
Quote: a path expression is a redundant specification of program behavior; a debugger can report deviations [»brueB8_1983]
Quote: a path expression can be a predicate on a program's execution history [»brueB8_1983]
Quote: with path expressions, a programmer can describe expected behavior and monitor actual behavior [»brueB8_1983]
Quote: describe behavior as valid traces of externally visible events; less intuitive than preconditions and postconditions; the Trace Assertion Method [»hoffDM_2001]

Subtopic: checking adherence up

Quote: use meta-level compilation (MC) to easily check path invariants; simple description, complicated source of errors, maintained across all paths; e.g., for cache coherence [»chouA11_2000]
Quote: a path expression can enforce a particular execution sequence [»brueB8_1983]

Subtopic: regular expression over paths up

Quote: a basic path expression is a regular expression over state histories [»brueB8_1983]
Quote: use predicate transition nets for modeling concurrency; use regular expressions to model sequential behavior
QuoteRef: habeAN6_1975 ;;3 critical paths path a; b end (a;b)* for any number and (a+b) for either. ... [p. 6] if can't continue a path then suspend

Subtopic: data type via path expression up

QuoteRef: habeAN6_1975 ;;6 define a type with local variables (eg mes= message) a path (deposit;remove) and operations (b deposit (m)= mes m. path says a deposit must occur before any removes
Quote: restrictions on the sequence of invoking operators of an abstract data type; e.g., open, write, close [»silbA2_1980]

Subtopic: resource access via path expressions up

Quote: COSY uses path expressions to order operation activations for a resource [»lauePE_1979]
QuoteRef: habeAN6_1975 ;;the basic idea of path expressions is required sequences of operations along with cluster def

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