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Browsers typically distinguish visited and unvisited links, but otherwise leave links alone. They may highlight the currently selected link, or display a special cursor. Highlighted links may display a tooltip or explainer.

Links may be embedded in text, or separately displayed in navigation panes. They may carry an icon.

The reader's profile or search request may identify potentially relevant links.

Links may be buttons that execute when pressed (cbb 3/07)

Subtopic: text links up

Quote: if Hypertext links embedded in text then phrases must fit; if linearization the phrase must be ordered correctly [»akscRM7_1988a]

Subtopic: arcs vs. nodes up

Quote: arcs in a Hypertext graph need both nodes to identify the arc [»feinS3_1988]

Subtopic: link icons up

Quote: a Hypertext window contains link icons with text that suggests the contents of its destination [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: multiple Intermedia links displayed as one link icon which can be queried [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: an Intermedia link is displayed as a marker; when selected, explainers are displayed [»smitKE10_1987]
Quote: Hypertext link icons can display the type or title of the destination or link [»halaFG4_1987]
Quote: hypertext consists of text segments of any length with links signaled by asterisks; zapping an asterisk takes you there [»nelsTH_1974]

Subtopic: link explainers up

Quote: an Intermedia explainer is documentation associated with a link
Quote: Hypertext links better if could query link properties, embedding links in text, or a fisheye view [»graySH2_1989]
Quote: display a link as a box giving the object type and one pre-defined field of information [»laiKY10_1988, OK]

Subtopic: search-enhanced link up

Quote: ScentTrails highlight links that eventually lead to keywords; combines browsing and searching [»olstC9_2003]

Subtopic: executable links up

Quote: Hypertext links can be buttons (an area of the screen) which execute an action when selected [»younG_1988]

Subtopic: embedded objects up

Quote: an embedded template displays a linked object as a field of the source object; allows simultaneous viewing and editing [»laiKY10_1988]

Subtopic: other links up

Quote: link inheritance: direct display of IGD links between pages of the same parent chapter
Quote: multiple IGD links between chapters or pages are displayed as one link

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