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Browsing may be controlled to organize the reader's experience of hypertext. For example, the available links may depend on the reader's profile, or pages may be sequenced in depth-first order.

A common idiom is next and previous pointers within a sequence of pages. (cbb 3/07)

Subtopic: how to browse hypertext up

Quote: normal Hypertext does not defining how nodes can be browsed, i.e., browsing semantics [»stotPD12_1988]

Subtopic: petri net controlled browsing, Trellis up

Quote: in Trellis, browsing semantics is based on petri nets [»stotPD12_1988]
Quote: map petri nets into hypertext by functions such as logical buttons for each transition [»stotPD12_1988]
Quote: a Trellis Hypertext is a petri net of links, user interface components, and mappings between them and the display [»stotPD12_1988]
Quote: a marking of a petri net defines the browsing state of a Trellis Hypertext; different initial markings give different browsing patterns [»stotPD12_1988]
Quote: a petri net can automatically synchronize multiple displays of Hypertext [»stotPD12_1988]
Quote: a petri net allows Hypertext browsing paths with non-adjacent common subsections [»stotPD12_1988]
Quote: hide Hypertext elements by associating null elements with the petri net mappings [»stotPD12_1988]
Quote: if timing added to Hypertext petri nets, can implement timed exams and presentations [»stotPD12_1988]

Subtopic: display sequencing up

Quote: Document Presentation System controls display sequencing by a finite state machine
Quote: keywords in the Document Presentation System control display of different parts of a page [»vandA7_1988]
Quote: PROMIS tables for controlling frame display and sequencing, describing entities, documenting facts

Subtopic: multi-media presentations up

Quote: presentation controls for viewing multi-media documents: sequential, simultaneous, independent [»postJB1_1988]

Subtopic: breadth-first search via bookmarks, dog-ears, prefetching up

Quote: use dogears for transient bookmarks and breadth-first traversal; allows prefetching of all interesting pages [»newfD11_1998]
Quote: categorize links for breadth-first search into never seen, visited, pending, and uninteresting (i.e., seen but not selected) [»newfD11_1998]

Subtopic: depth-first search up

Quote: web navigation by depth-first traversal; i.e., hub-and-spoke

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