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Quote: Pingala (before 200 B.C.) gives an algorithm for computing the total number of arrangements of two things in n places
Quote: the probability of an event in an ideal experiment is the square of the probability amplitude of the event

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Quote: to answer probabilistic questions, people typically look for similarities between choices and ignore prior probabilities [»tverA2_1974]
Quote: people typically assess membership probability by the representativeness heuristic; i.e., is object A representative of class B [»tverA9_1974]
Quote: cue validity is a predictor that an attribute corresponds to a category [»roscE7_1976]

Subtopic: physics as probabilistic up

Quote: Nature herself does not even known which way the electron is going to go; intrinsically probabilistic [»feynR_1965]
Quote: our most precise description of nature must be in terms of probabilities; the uncertainty principle [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: quantum mechanics uses the amplitude of the probability of finding a system of electrons in a given configuration; since the function is linear it can be represented as the superposition of states of definite energy [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: quantum mechanics: determine the probability of an event by squaring the sum of the arrows for each way an event could happen
Quote: the width of the Gaussian distributions of an electron's probability amplitude leads to a quantitative statement of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle
Quote: the probability amplitudes of electrons in an atom are constrained, they exist at definite energies
Quote: the uncertainty principle is a side effect of quantum mechanics; the true view is the addition of probability amplitudes for all the ways an event can happen [»feynRP_1985]

Subtopic: probablistic filters up

Quote: gives probability of unset bits in a Bloom filter [»mullJK8_1983]
Quote: expression for false-positives in a hash filter [»stanC12_1986, OK]
Quote: linear probing sort for uniformly distributed elements; hash into range and shift as needed [»carlS2_1991]

Subtopic: citation analysis up

Quote: definition of PageRank algorithm; iterative calculation using citations, out links, and damping factor [»brinS4_1998]
Quote: the iterative algorithm for hubs and authorities converges to the principal eigenvectors of the weighting matrices [»kleiJM9_1999]

Subtopic: partitioned tests up

Quote: do not use partitioning for test-case selection; use partitioning when narrowly defined with a high probability of error [»hamlD12_1990]

Subtopic: randomized algoriths up

Quote: survey of randomized algorithms for primality testing, universal hashing, etc. [»guptR3_1994]
Quote: skip list is a randomized data structure for balanced trees; simple and space efficient (1.5 pointers per node) [»pughW6_1990]

Subtopic: Zipf law up

Quote: the rank-frequency distribution of cities by size leads to a rank-frequency distribution of phone calls by distance

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