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Subtopic: control room up

Quote: NASA flight controllers use at least four voice loops to coordinate activity: from flight director, between air and ground, with support staff, and ad-hoc conferences [»wattJC_1996]
Quote: computer support systems provide raw data; voice loops carry integrated, event-level information [»wattJC_1996]

Subtopic: e-diary up

Quote: replaced paper diary for running a papermill with an e-diary; 3,500 entries in a year; four hours training [»robiM1_2000]
Quote: used e-diary for brief, problem-solving dialogues within and between shifts; conversational exchange [»robiM1_2000]

Subtopic: task management up

Quote: a DSEE tasklist contains references to tasks; for managing each user's active tasks and each library's active and completed tasks [»leblDB5_1984]

Subtopic: calendars up

Quote: on-line calendars are widely used at Sun and Microsoft [»paleL12_1997]
Quote: use public entries in on-line calendars: helps meeting organizers, potential attenders, and locating individuals [»paleL12_1997]
Quote: only reveal unscheduled time in on-line calendars [»paleL12_1997]
Quote: schedule a meeting by setting a meeting time and then inviting attendees
Quote: Active Mail's meeting scheduler supports interactive negotiation with tentative, definite, and committed offers [»goldY11_1992]
Quote: Active Mail implements groupware by allowing a receiver to interact with the sender, other recipients, and specified, distributed applications [»goldY11_1992]

Subtopic: office automation up

Quote: an XCP protocol defines an office procedure with a state-transition graph for each object, roles, and role states (for non-resident objects) [»cashPM2_1985]
Quote: with the Oval system for cooperative work can define new object types, and add new fields, views, agents, rules and links [»maloTW11_1992]

Subtopic: collection support up

Quote: successfully automated a collection support system [»woodM5_1983]
Quote: manage a set of items according to prescribed procedures; each item has a set of events and a current state [»woodM5_1983]

Subtopic: work units up

Quote: Amazon Turk manages work units for humans; e.g., Is there a dog in this picture?, translate this text to English, and verify a translation [»barrJ5_2006]

Subtopic: information retrieval up

Quote: medical information searchers need an agenda-keeper to keep track of new ideas, readings, and tasks [»frisME7_1988]
Quote: designers need help in keeping track of notes and recalling them appropriately; requires understanding of the design process and the problem [»soloE5_1984]

Subtopic: shared displays up

Quote: in Audience Participation, each wand controlled one pixel; the group quickly learned to control information; focused interest [»giloCF10_1991]

Subtopic: deal capture up

Quote: attempt to automate deal capture; deals by phone, intercom and voice, 60 sec deadline, 10% error, difficult [»jiroM12_1993]
Quote: deals may be made concurrently over the phone, intercom and voice with simultaneous monitoring [»jiroM12_1993]
Quote: stock market displays allow dealers to refer to stock in terms of its current price [»jiroM12_1993]
Quote: dealers must participate in multiple activities including those of their colleagues; e.g., coordinated deals and currency arrangements

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