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memory management

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initialized constants
read-only and write-once file systems
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static single assignment; SSA
unique names

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Quote: Guava monitors are always synchronized; other instances are uniquely owned by a single monitor and never need synchronizing [»bacoDF10_2000]
Quote: an unshared Guava object is permanently owned by a shared monitor or unshared value; no other references [»bacoDF10_2000]
Quote: use single-bit reference count for owned objects; e.g., most list cells in Lisp [»abduSE9_1998]
Quote: read-only does not fully express the idea of an array that is owned by a unique pointer, an immutable array, or an array for copying only [»boylJ7_2005]

Subtopic: ownership for memory deallocation up

Quote: without garbage collection, objects must be owned; who releases a string that is queued for printing? [»swinDC7_1985]
Quote: memory leak detector based on owning pointers; automatically inferred; a class member always or never owns its pointee at public method boundaries; found errors in binutils and apache [»heinDL6_2003]
Quote: associate capability and type with each object; guarantees exclusive ownership for deallocation or reuse; extends linear type systems [»walkD7_2000]

Subtopic: resource leakage up

Quote: eliminate spurious paths in a Boolean program by automatically adding boolean control variables; e.g., resource allocation within loops and conditionals [»laruJR5_2004]
Quote: PREfix for path-by-path analysis across function boundaries; finds null pointers, improper memory allocation/deallocation; uninitialized variables, resource state errors, improper library usage [»laruJR5_2004]
Quote: Slam found many errors in Windows device drivers; it separates the control path from the data path; e.g., resource use [»laruJR5_2004]

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Quote: Modeler uses immutable objects with unique names; allows name to be used in place of text [»lampBW6_1983]

Subtopic: tracking non-alias up

Quote: track non-aliasing of memory regions via tagged capabilities and type system [»walkD7_2000]

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