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Quote: eyeballing found 44% of all anomalies in the APOLLO on-board flight software [»hamiM3_1976]
Quote: reading code found the cause of most errors [»weisDM2_1985]
Quote: when people debug other people's programs, they usually study the listings instead of using an interactive system [»goulJD9_1973]
Quote: code reading better than functional or structural testing for detecting software faults [»basiVR12_1987]

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Quote: use desk checking to verify that subroutines occupy distinct locations, specifications are satisfied, overwrites do not occur, and unpreserved registers are invalid [»wilkMV_1951]
Quote: algebraic notation makes programs easy to read and mentally check; reduces programming error and increases productivity [»glenAE2_1953]

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Quote: subjects often first looked for a violation of grammatical conventions, e.g., a DO loop out of range; doesn't require understanding [»goulJD9_1973]
Quote: programmers appear to slice a program when debugging; i.e., ignoring statements that do not influence a particular variable [»weisM7_1982]
Quote: subjects initially avoided difficult sections when debugging programs [»goulJD9_1973]
Quote: since error correction requires taxon information, it is easier with redundant repetition of predicates

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Quote: most errors were detected by executing a program

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