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A history list is a common navigation aid in hypertext. Users frequently want to return to a recently visited page. Links can indicate if they were recently visited. A history list helps orient users, especially after an interruption. Duplicate links should be removed from the list. (cbb 4/98)
Subtopic: history list -- Back up

Quote: web navigation by depth-first traversal; i.e., hub-and-spoke [»newfD11_1998]
Quote: Document Presentation System had a time line giving all previous states [»vandA7_1988]
Quote: HYPERTEXT remembers previous pages for access by BACK command [»wardDL_1981]
Quote: turn pages contain multiple links; BACK TURNS commands goes to previous turn pages [»wardDL_1981]
Quote: Hypertext should support readers tendency to turn pages back and forth [»frisME7_1988]
Quote: record all reader interactions in a history relation; allows back page action [»feinS1_1982]
Quote: DocumentExaminer keeps history of previous commands, query results, and bookmarks [»walkJH11_1987]
Quote: the Back button is heavily used while Forward is seldom used [»tausL7_1997]

Subtopic: back vs. visited up

Quote: previously visited pages is as good as the back button; 'back' better for backtracking, 'visited' better for more distant navigation [»cockA11_2002]

Subtopic: links to be visited up

Quote: DocumentExaminer adds links to a list of current topics; follow a link by going to the list [»conkJ9_1987]

Subtopic: bookmarks up

Quote: important pages marked by LANDMARK; allows quick revisiting [»wardDL_1981]
Quote: use dogears for transient bookmarks and breadth-first traversal; allows prefetching of all interesting pages [»newfD11_1998]

Subtopic: interruption up

Quote: Hypertext should save place at an interruption; if extended, should provide contextual information [»frisME7_1988]

Subtopic: flag visited links up

Quote: to help orientation in a hypertext, display the time that a location was last visited [»nielJ3_1990]
Quote: use checkmarks to indicate where a user has been in a hypertext; for overview and links [»nielJ3_1990]
Quote: KMS flags previously used item [»akscRM7_1988a]
Quote: text should slide on the screen to help you understand where you've been and where you're going; like turning pages on a book [»nelsTH_1974]

Subtopic: visited pages -- statistics up

Quote: users continually add new web pages to their repertoire of visited pages [»tausL7_1997]
Quote: people tend to revisit pages just visited, access only a few pages frequently, browse in very small clusters of pages, and generate only short sequences of repeated URL paths
Quote: 40% chance that the next URL matches one of the six previous URLs; 48% for last 20 [»tausL7_1997]
Quote: on average, subjects visited 60% of their pages only once, 4% four times, and a handful frequently [»tausL7_1997]
Quote: frequently visited pages include personal pages, start-up page, organization home page, search engines, authored pages, etc.
Quote: a history list of 10 unique URLs retrieves 47% of visited URLs, compared to 58% repeated URLs and 40% for stack-based history [»tausL7_1997]
Quote: a list of recently visited URLs is better than a history stack
Quote: a stack-based history list is better than recency for the two most recent URLs

Subtopic: history not used up

Quote: the primary activity in a web browser is navigating via anchors; use of the hotlist and history list remain infrequent

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