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A text trail is a pre-defined sequence of hypertext nodes. This is the hypertext equivalent to a book or story. Typically the trail is linear with 'next-page' and 'prev-page' links.

Bush felt that a network of text trails would be the standard delivery vehicle. In this way trail authors would make the material accessible. (cbb 4/89)

Subtopic: user-maintained anthology up

Quote: users must be able to build anthologies as desired; the links in an anthology must be separately transportable [»nelsTH_1974]

Subtopic: hypertext trail up

Quote: associative indexing allows building a trail through a Hypertext [»bushV7_1945]
Quote: Hypertext encyclopedias will include a mesh of associative trails [»bushV7_1945]
Quote: profession of Hypertext trail blazers who build associative trails [»bushV7_1945]
Quote: linearize Hypertext by displaying several nodes along a trail [»trigRH1_1986]
Quote: TEXTNET paths can be saved, modified, followed, or linearized [»trigRH1_1986]
Quote: TEXTNET readers follow, possibly forking, paths with side trips [»trigRH1_1986]
Quote: next page in a Hypertext defined by an implicit link [»wardDL_1981]
Quote: TEXTNET path is a default pathway through a Hypertext; avoids n-way decisions [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: establish sequences of hypertext invoked by a user action

Subtopic: access log up

Quote: click streams and attentional metadata outweighs all other metadata; about 46 billion clicks per day worldwide [»ramaR8_2007]

Subtopic: search results up

Quote: relevant nodes for a search can be saved in a private document for later recovery [»walkJH11_1987]
Quote: ScentTrails highlight links that eventually lead to keywords; combines browsing and searching [»olstC9_2003]
Quote: ShortScent highlights links to pages containing keywords; combine browsing with searching [»olstC9_2003]

Subtopic: path through hypertext up

Quote: non-sequential nature of Dynabook allows a reader to pursue many paths through the same material [»kayA3_1977]

Subtopic: thesaurus associations up

Quote: use a thesaurus of associated concepts to resolve vague ideas [»bushV8_1959]
Quote: use a thesaurus to store successful sets of index terms for information retrieval; include subordinate, coordinate, and equivalence relationships

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