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The Web is a successful implementation of hypertext. The Web communication standards, HTTP and URL/URI combined with the Web's presentation standards, HTML and CSS, have allowed arbitrary sources to interconnect without worrying about platform or binary formats. It has continued with exponential growth of the Internet, allowing the Web to reach a world-wide audience. (cbb 4/07)
Subtopic: access to information up

Quote: people understand graphs of tree-like documents (HTML) connected by links (URL) [»boswA10_2005]
Quote: the Web is an Internet-scale distributed hypermedia system [»fielRT5_2002]
Quote: the Web is a shared information space; everyone stores and structure their own information; easily referenced from anywhere; easy to use by everyone [»fielRT5_2002]
Quote: use a built-in web server for system status, logs, and debugging [»huntA_2000]
Quote: for access to large databases, Web provides simple queries of user-entered data with results rendered as hypermedia [»fielRT5_2002]

Subtopic: protocols up

Quote: relaxed, extensible text formats and protocols work better than efficient binary ones; easily shared and understood [»boswA10_2005]

Subtopic: browser up

Quote: with the World-Wide Web, the user interface is the same for all servers, protocols, and objects [»bernT8_1994]
Quote: top-level tasks for web browsing: Use Information, Go To, Locate, Provide Information, Configure, and React [»byrnMD5_1999]
Quote: web browser tasks in order: Use Information, Locate, Goto (and wait) [»byrnMD5_1999]
Quote: web navigation by depth-first traversal; i.e., hub-and-spoke [»newfD11_1998]

Subtopic: URL up

Quote: with the World-Wide Web, all items have a reference for retrieving the item
Quote: clicking an anchor in a World-Wide Web browser retrieves the desired object; continue navigation if the object is hypertext [»bernT8_1994]
Quote: WebMark is a public database of (barcode, URL) pairs for retrieving web pages with a barcode scanner
Quote: a URL identifies a resource in cyberspace, a barcode identifies an object in the real world [»maraH10_1997]
Quote: Representational State Transfer (REST) manages resources; i.e., anything that can be named [»fielRT5_2002]

Subtopic: cross-site identity up

Quote: cross-site identity and credentials form a social universe; can not recreate the social network for every new site [»ramaR8_2007]
Quote: global object model for PeopleWeb based on a common identity for objects, individuals, and attributes [»ramaR8_2007]

Subtopic: scalability up

Quote: the Web has anarchic scalability; works despite load, malicious data, unknown servers, no state, no lists of back references, multiple trust boundaries [»fielRT5_2002]
Quote: linear scaling and simplicity important for Web applications; allows high volumes and throughput [»boswA10_2005]
Quote: stale data is OK; most data is updated infrequently or not at all; allows lazy replication and scalability [»boswA10_2005]
Quote: successful systems on the Web are bottom-up, depending on the wisdom of crowds [»boswA10_2005]

Subtopic: distributed applications up

Quote: use anycast resolvers to forward requests to the best server; application-layer; e.g., [»bhatS4_1997]
Quote: Web components are deployed independently; old and new implementations co-exist; identify and encapsulate old versions; incremental deployment [»fielRT5_2002]
Quote: REST interactions are stateless; they transfer representations of identified resources
Quote: a representation of a REST resource consists of data and metadata as name-value pairs, metadata describes data and sometimes metadata

Subtopic: service orientation up

Quote: Amazon constructs its gateway page from over a 100 services; each service conceived, built, and operated by a team [»grayJ5_2006]

Subtopic: security and authentication up

Quote: gained unauthorized access to 8 of 27 Web sites; extracted the secret key from one [»fuK8_2001]
Quote: URLs can leak authenticators through the Referer header, allows cross-site scripting attacks without eavesdropping [»fuK8_2001]
Quote: HMAC-SHA1 authenticators were nearly as fast as unauthenticated HTTP; SSL is 10x slower [»fuK8_2001]

Subtopic: site design up

Quote: a company's view of its home page does not matter [»singSN8_1999]
Quote: use ads and web sites to create ideal customers; positive beliefs, frequently visit, buy products, and advertise to others [»singSN8_1999]

Subtopic: structured data up

Quote: structured data is an important sector of the Web; e.g., eBay hosted 2.4 billion listings in 2006 [»ramaR8_2007]

Subtopic: types of users up

Quote: types of internet users--simplifiers log on for a purpose, surfers, social connectors, bargainers, news and financial routiners, and sportsters [»forsJ6_2000]

Subtopic: personalization up

Quote: despite personalization, most users never customize the default page [»manbU8_2000]
Quote: use zip code to localize a user's default page [»manbU8_2000]
Quote: cross-site identity and credentials form a social universe; can not recreate the social network for every new site [»ramaR8_2007]

Subtopic: accessibility up

Quote: a web interface must address all users, including non-U.S. and alternate platforms [»manbU8_2000]

Subtopic: web servers up

Quote: web servers normally handle 100 requests a second within an order of magnitude [»boswA10_2005]
Quote: avoid servers responding to fine-grained events; e.g., keystrokes or mouse moves

Subtopic: history up

Quote: the idea of the World-Wide Web arose from a home-brew personal hypertext system for a distributed project [»bernT8_1994]
Quote: the World-Wide Web was designed for merging independent projects without major or centralized changes [»bernT8_1994]

Subtopic: problems with the Web up

Quote: the Internet fails to help people institute and follow rules; could interconnect through flexible, world-wide, organized activities

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