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Hypertext and the Web provide shared access to the world's knowledge. They instantiate the dreams of intellectuals for a encyclopaedia of everything.

The cost and capacity of storage systems have improved rapidly, allowing
indexing services to record much of the Web. Electronic publishing automates the production of formatted text. (cbb 4/07)

Subtopic: encyclopaedia of everything up

Quote: a few select men could develop a universal characteristic in five years; similar effort as for an encyclopedia [»leibGW_1679a]
Quote: World Encyclopaedia developed by research centers world-wide

Subtopic: shared access to knowledge up

Quote: the PeopleWeb combines a global object model with a portable user context; better online communities and information discovery [»ramaR8_2007]
Quote: science should allow people to use the great record of human experience, before weapons destroy us [»bushV7_1945]
Quote: civilization depends on common access to a shared heritage; like reading everything written [»nelsTH_1974]
Quote: support for manipulating all knowledge is a common dream; must handle many types, at many locations, in enormous quantities [»schaBR11_1987]
Quote: Hypertext for creating a structured description of each field of study
Quote: World Encyclopaedia would be mental background of every intelligent person
Quote: World Encyclopaedia would be the standard source for instruction and verification of facts [»wellHG_1938]
Quote: Hypertext may store the content of all contributions on some topic; with automatic ordering of concepts [»loweDG8_1985]
Quote: earliest visions of Hypertext was the integration of all knowledge; maintained by both authors and readers [»conkJ9_1987]

Subtopic: record everything up

Quote: less than 52 pentabyes of textual information entered manually per year; a company can store all of this information [»ramaR8_2007]
Quote: Google stores all web documents it finds; allows independent, efficient research of the web [»brinS4_1998]
Quote: at 1:25,000 reduction, all of the information ever recorded in books can be placed in a pamphlet at full resolution [»feynR12_1959]
Quote: automatically save and index every copy, fax, and print to the infinite memory multifunction machine [»hullJJ3_2001]
Quote: users accessed IM^3 archives every other day; 2/3 printed docs (instead of personal directories), 1/3 less than a week old, 10% more than 6 months [»hullJJ3_2001]

Subtopic: large hypertext up

Quote: the Web is an Internet-scale distributed hypermedia system [»fielRT5_2002]
Quote: a hypertext contains thousands or millions of paragraphs [»nelsTH_1967]
Quote: PROMIS frames contain medical knowledge [»schuJR9_1979]
Quote: statistics on PROMIS's comprehensive coverage of medical information [»schuJR9_1979]
Quote: 60 journals regularly reviewed for adding to PROMIS with cross-references and continuous auditing [»schuJR9_1979]
Quote: hypertext for specialist access and muster of information; enhance existing material with commentary, surveys, connections; maintains relevance [»nelsTH_1967]

Subtopic: ZOG up

Quote: ZOG handles all communication and knowledge exchange with the user; like PROMIS [»robeG5_1981]

Subtopic: electronic publishing up

Quote: a literature is a system of interconnected writings; a purpose of Xanadu is to make the interconnections explicit [»nelsTH_1987]
Quote: a Hypertext publishing medium allows readers to follow links across a large body of published material [»drexKE12_1987]
Quote: step-out windowing in a hypertext returns a quotation in an anthology to its original context [»nelsTH_1974]
Quote: speed evaluation of ideas by electronic publishing of criticism-links and filtering mechanisms
Quote: speed transmission of ideas by electronic publication of reference-links, indexes, and text [»drexKE12_1987]
Quote: the Answer Garden improves an organization's memory by capturing answers to questions, and providing tools for their later retrieval [»ackeMS_1990]

Subtopic: problem of authenticity up

Quote: a hypertext needs a fiducial system to tell which version is authentic; must avoid dangers of rewriting history or doctoring documents

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