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An information service returns citations for a query.

Wireless communication, portable computers, and mobile phones expand the range of information services.

Many web sites provide information repositories. These are outgrowths of software repositories such as netlib. (cbb 10/07)

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Quote: Mooers gave first definition of information retrieval; convert need into a list of citations [»kilgFG4_1997]

Subtopic: mobile units up

Quote: the Access Center can download protocols for information services into the Telecomputer; lasts at least a year [»morgC4_1982]
Quote: an information service can automatically download updates to the communication software; ensures consistency [»needD10_1982]

Subtopic: Community Information System -- packet radio up

Quote: CommunityInformationSystem when most information is delivered digitally [»giffDK12_1985]
Quote: CommunityInformationSystem made of shared servers and user-owned computers [»giffDK12_1985]
Quote: CommunityInformationSystem broadcasts information via packet radio [»giffDK12_1985]
Quote: CommunityInformationSystem distributes over six megabytes a day [»giffDK12_1985]
Quote: CommunityInformationSystem has fifteen, outside users [»giffDK12_1985]

Subtopic: Netlib -- public domain software up

Quote: Netlib for public-domain software by electronic mail requests [»dongJJ5_1987]
Quote: Netlib preferred over private collections of library software [»dongJJ5_1987]
Quote: 3500 Netlib requests in a month [»dongJJ5_1987, OK]
Quote: Netlib is available anytime without administrative hassles; software is current and individually accessible [»dongJJ5_1987]
Quote: communication is main cost of running Netlib; inexpensive to manage [»dongJJ5_1987]
Quote: Netlib is not commercial software but provides rapid distribution for researchers [»dongJJ5_1987]
Quote: Netlib is free; helped keep it widely accessible with low-overhead [»dongJJ5_1987]

Subtopic: Telesophy -- information units up

Quote: Telesophy is 'wisdom at a distance' for accessing 'anything, anywhere' [»caplM12_1987]
Quote: Telesophy has five users and 100 thousand information units [»caplM12_1987]

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